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Belles-Lettres: The Principles of Uncertainty

Friday, January 29, 2010 @ 11:01 AM  posted by Mark

The Principles of Uncertainty, Maira Kalman’s illustrated memoir, began life as a blog for the New York Times and is now available in a deliciously hefty paperback. Kalman’s artwork regularly appears on New Yorker covers, and her oddball illustrations liven up the most recent edition of Strunk and White’s otherwise staid Elements of Style. She has written and illustrated 12 children’s books, but The Principles of Uncertainty, despite being whimsical and colorful enough for any child to enjoy, is a sweetly melancholy book for adults, an artist’s day book whose musings take the long view of life. Kalman enjoys and draws life’s little pleasures, directing our attention to the charmingly dilapidated furniture in a friend’s apartment or to the towering pastry displays in a Paris restaurant; but while celebrating the sheer delight of everyday curiosities, Kalman never loses sight of their transitory nature. The wit and gentleness of The Principles of Uncertainty return you to your everyday life with your eyebrows raised and arms akimbo, and you notice once again the small wonders unfolding all around you.

Kalman’s current blog And the Pursuit of Happiness offers illustrated musings on Americana and the American character and is chock full of quirky humor.

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